Newer Trends, Blends, and Cuts

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At Calvetti Culinary Creations, we’re no strangers to food processing. We’ve been involved in both the processing and development side of food manufacturing for over 40 years. Food processing is the transformation of raw ingredients into marketable food products that can be easily prepared and served by the customer to the consumer. From a diverse range of backgrounds, our team has hands on experience with food advancement and creation.

As the creativity of products has evolved, so has the consumers’ pallet. This is great for us because it means our clients are willing to try different products and allows our team to be more creative. There are so many new and cutting edge ingredients to enrich the product and the experience – the opportunities are endless.

Art and Science Combined

CCC began with the goal to provide unique gourmet food products, such as sous vide cooked foods in the traditional French style, to the air catering, hospitality and food service industries. To do this, the team needed the culinary ideas and hands on expertise as well as research and development to produce such gourmet goods. Combining science and creativity with the skills of our team, our products go seamlessly from creative concepts to commercialization to high-volume production via innovative technology and packaging.

A Collaborative Approach

The CCC team loves to collaborate with our clients and that adds time to the process. If a client receives a product that is not the particular flavor desired, adjustments must be made and the outcome tweaked. Sometimes, it’s just a case of changing the flavor, sometimes it’s a complete overhaul. Development of a product can take one day or several weeks to perfect. Often we have very specific requests, other times, we have a lot more flexibility. When we are given that space to work, we’ll provide multiple options for our clients to consider, from mild tastes to middle of the road to something spicy, like flavorful Sriracha. We focus on collaboration with our clients, providing them a variety of options depending on their requests, needs and customer preferences.

From Concept to Commercialization.

What makes us unique at CCC is our ability to replicate our superior products. Our team provides a profile to a product that helps our clients define their brand and stand out from their competition. Once you have something unique to offer, you are no longer a commodity. Blending science with art and understanding how to produce a unique and valuable outcome, is what makes CCC a leader in the industry.

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