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Sous vide is a precision culinary technique of preserving food in packages and carefully cooking them through water immersion.

At Calvetti Culinary Creations, our high quality foods ranging from meats and vegetables to sauces and deserts are prepared by our professional chefs and vacuum-sealed in polyethylene packages. Food packages are then immersed in a water bath and cooked at a consistent, gentle temperature. Once cooked, they are quick-chilled and refrigerated or frozen until ready to be served.

Precise temperature control and uniformity of heating maintains the integrity of the food and yields superior results. Delicate and essential fats and vitamins destroyed through traditional cooking methods are preserved, resulting in a wholly superior product. The retained nutritional value of the food yields robust taste, supreme texture and exceptionally tender of meats.

Results are perfect and replicable every time.

Our Sous Vide line of products offers food industry professionals, as well as home cooks an extended shelf life on chef-cooked products. Quality, consistency and ease of preparation rise to the challenges of both the fast-paced environment of the restaurant industry as well as the consumer’s busy life.

Restaurateurs can seamlessly deliver high quality at volume, while millennials can finally achieve fine cooking results at home with little culinary knowledge.

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