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By Benjamin Pasternak
President, IFC

Innovative products and services that we enjoy every day often stand on the shoulders of a heritage of excellence. For Innovative Food Creations [IFC], this is indeed the case.

IFC is a unique food collaborative for imaginative companies creating gourmet cuisine for:

  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • airlines
  • club stores
  • retail producers
  • direct to consumer producers
  • co-packers

IFC’s lineage of excellence goes back 40 years to Chicago-based food processor James Calvetti Meats, Inc., one of the world’s finest purveyors of prime quality, portion-cut meats.

A Heritage of Food Service Excellence: James Calvetti Meats

Family owned and operated, Calvetti prides itself on its high speed, state-of-the-art processing facility that serves a wide variety of national and international food service customers.

Calvetti provides only the finest meats, and its highly-skilled butchers cut to the most demanding specifications. Factors contributing to Calvetti being a global leader in food processing include:

  • unrelenting commitment to quality
  • artisan-like craftsmanship
  • exceptional customer service

And that is just some of the expertise behind IFC.

From Prime Quality Meat to “Next Generation Sous Vide” Gourmet Meals

Recognizing growing consumer demand for gourmet, ready-to-cook products that are safe and simple to use, Calvetti has broadened its food expertise to launch Innovative Food Creations.

IFC collaborates with its partners to develop delicious, unexpected meals that deliver superior taste and texture through the latest cooking technology. The secret to IFC’s success is the use of high temperature thermo formable film.


Innovative Food Creations develops gourmet, ready-to-cook products that are safe and simple to use.

Unlike sous vide, which is cooked in film then sold as reheatable/ready-to-eat, IFC products are created in film then sold as ready-to-cook. IFC creations are cooked for the first time ever — never reheated — immediately prior to being served.

Think of IFC products as “next generation” sous vide: quick, safe, simple, delicious, nutritious solutions that bridge the gap between fine dining cuisine and sous vide.

The advantages to IFC’s approach include:

  • superior taste that will delight
  • texture that rivals conventional cooking
  • nutrition preserved at a very high level
  • food safety all along the supply chain
  • convenience all the way to the plate

You Dream It and IFC Can Help You Create It

IFC develops its food creations across a wide range of culinary practices including French, Dutch, Peruvian, and Caribbean cuisines.

IFC prides itself on extensive in-house resources and access to the expertise of:

  • chefs
  • culinary experts
  • food scientists
  • product developers
  • nutritionists
  • food safety experts

Very few, if any other, food processors in the world integrate all this expertise into its food creations.

If you are interested in collaborating on delicious, innovative, unexpected new products such as Beef Tenderloin Wellington, Salmon Florentine Encrouts, and Saffron Seafood Paella with Shellfish — all created within high temperature cooking film — then IFC would like to meet you.

Whatever gourmet product you can dream of for your customers, IFC can help you create it.

How do you develop new food products using the latest cooking technologies? Tell us in the comments below or contact us.

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  • Hello, I’m looking for a co-manufacturer for sous vide processing of a vegetable. Is this something you do, or can you point me in a direction please? Many thanks. Nancy Jo

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