Food Processor: Creating Innovative, Ready to Cook Meals Takes a Village

By Benjamin Pasternak
President, IFC

“It takes a village to raise a child.” But many may not realize that it also “takes a village” to bring about innovation to the table. Literally. It takes a village of experts to develop the next generation of ready to cook meals, delicious meals that are also safe and simple to cook:

⋅ Chefs
⋅ Culinary experts
⋅ Food scientists
⋅ Product developers
⋅ Nutritionists
⋅ Food safety experts
⋅ An engaged client or partner company

Fortunately, at IFC we have all these areas of expertise working together in-house to create the best food products possible. Very few other food processers, if any, have on-site access to such outstanding expertise. And we’re eager to bring this expertise to you and your product dream.

Ready to Cook Meals: From Imagination to Dream to Plate

The dream:
Every great product starts with a dream. At IFC, our clients share that dream meal or food product with us, and that’s where the process begins. We then get to work to create this custom meal. Whether it’s stake or French pastry, our expert team create your dream meal packaged using the revolutionary new technology of high temperature, vacuum packaging cooking film.

Before the chefs lay the groundwork of a recipe and ingredients, the culinary experts and product developers at IFC conduct research on how your dream meal compares to current market trends. This stage helps us create products that are unique and have high market potential.

This early stage helps refine the product characteristics to your wishes, customers’ demands, and IFC’s innovation. This subset of our team provides the critical first step in the creation of a custom, safe, simple, ready to cook gourmet food product.

Once the culinary experts and product developers have completed their research, the IFC chefs in close collaboration with our client, will put together the building blocks for a unique gourmet meal product. This step then sets the stage for product development success.

Throughout product development, our food scientists and nutritionists ensure that no matter what the meal’s ingredients are, the final product will cook properly and be consistently delicious. Having the expertise of these two disciplines operating simultaneously provides the balance between most palatable meals and the highest levels of nutrition.

Every step of the way, food safety experts are collaborating to ensure that each and every component of the production process follows strict food safety guidelines. This results in a product that can be easily stored, handled, prepared, and served with minimal risk of contamination or spoilage.

The food safety experts’ sole focus is to monitor the entire process, guaranteeing that your new creation will stand up to the rigors of production, transport, storage, and final preparation.

The result?
A ready to cook gourmet meal that looks, smells, tastes, and feels like it came straight from a 4-star kitchen.


IFC has every type of food innovation culinary expertise under one roof to make your product innovation dreams come true.

Food Processor and Food Innovator: You CAN Have It All

Very few food processors in the world can deliver the integrated expertise that goes into each and every gourmet food product designed, developed, and produced by Innovative Food Creations. Since we do not directly sell or market products ourselves, our sole focus is customized food processing.

At IFC, we collaborate with service providers and purveyors (wholesalers, grocery chains, hotels, airlines, restaurant chains, club stores, etc.) to create and innovate custom, ready to cook products that will both satisfy and delight their customers time and time again.

Savvy foodservice providers and food processors know that the bar is continually set higher and higher for creating high quality, on-trend custom meal options. If a client can dream it, they need a partner who can make it.

At IFC, we stay at the forefront of innovation and technology by combining our deep knowledge of food processing techniques and applications with one of the most robust research and development teams in the industry. We’re proud of what we’re building here and can’t wait to see what we can create for you.

If you are interested in creating unique and cost-effective products for your customers — and wish to collaborate with one of the most innovative ready to cook food processor in the country — please contact us. We can’t wait to meet you and help bring your dream to the table.

How can IFC help make your gourmet food innovation dreams come true? Contact us or tell us in the comments section below. We look forward to continuing the conversation.

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