Confessions of a Meat Packer at Thanksgiving

By December 2, 2015Blog

This post was first published by Jamie Calvetti on LinkedIn

I spend 60+ hours of my life around, thinking about or discussing food and have access to the best Midwestern beef. But don’t be bummed if you never receive an invitation to my Thanksgiving dinner because it’s probably not at all how you imagine. Why?

Here are 13 thoughts a meat packer has at Thanksgiving:

Holidays are spent with family not with work. So, no, I am not grilling enough ribeyes for the entire extended family.

Why is the shrimp cold?

I’m pretty sure the family recipe does not mention overcooking the poultry, but that’s none of my business.

Where’d my wine go?

Yes, I would like some more veggies.

Why is the cat eyeing the pie?

Yes, I will gladly repeat all my stories about traveling in the Middle East.

When does the next season of Game of Thrones start again?

Yes, I brought you one of those funny food safety hats.

And the shoe covers to go with it.

Who taught you how to use a knife?

Ok, maybe I will just do the cooking next year.

Where’d my wine go?

Sometimes it’s more fun to let others do the cooking so we can all spend quality time together — whether kitchen skills run in the family or not.

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