Calvetti Culinary Creations


Calvetti Culinary Creations (CCC), is a division of James Calvetti Meats Inc. located in Chicago. Calvetti Culinary Creations specializes in development and commercialization of custom food products using the traditional French method of Sous Vide cooking and pre-seared, ready-to-cook foods.

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Our Food Manufacturing Vision for 2019 and Beyond

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Recently, we’ve started working on some exciting projects at JC Meats, Inc. and Calvetti Culinary Creations. We’ve partnered with local businesses and large corporations in roles from R&D to full-service food…

2019 Food Trends: Embracing Innovation

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At Calvetti Culinary Creations, we’re always innovating and trying new ideas, new dishes, and new flavors. As we round the corner into 2019, we’re excited for the 2019 food trends…

Sous Vide Cooking

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Our 6th and final video in the series: What is sous vide all about? It’s quality, consistency, and being ahead of the curve. Trust us – you’ve never tasted anything…

Fulton Market: How Times Have Changed

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Before Fulton Market became the restaurant and corporate office mecca it is today, it was home to meatpackers and food distributors. Though many of the historic buildings in the district…