Calvetti Culinary Creations


Calvetti Culinary Creations (CCC), is the marketing arm of James Calvetti Meats Inc., Located in Chicago USA. CCC specializes in development and commercialization of custom food products using the traditional French method of Sous Vide cooking and pre seared ready to cook foods.

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Bringing a Community Together

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Team cohesion is essential in any industry. Its elements are shared goals, clear roles, transparent processes for solving problems and making decisions, and the ability to deal with conflicts constructively.


Newer Trends, Blends, and Cuts

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Our goal is to provide unique gourmet food products, such as sous vide cooked foods in the traditional French style, to the air catering, hospitality and food service industries.

Summer and Sous Vide

Summer and Sous Vide: The Perfect Pair

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Summer is the perfect time to host guests. If you’re the entertaining type, then you might consider some of the most perfectly prepared meals to add to your menu.


Relationship Building in the Business of Food

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Innovation is the name of the game in an industry that’s constantly on the move.